Foaming African Black Wash

SKU: Afblkfoamer
Foaming African Black Wash
Foaming African Black Wash

Foaming African Black Wash

SKU: Afblkfoamer
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For a milder, yet deeper cleanse, we transformed our Pure African Black Soap into a 6oz foaming wash! Perfect for daily facial use for Oily and Combination skin types.  Made from Shea Butter, Cocoa Pod and Plantain Skin Ash. This soap is both unique and skin-loving. Skin appears soft, smooth, and refreshed. African Black Soap can promote an even skin tone.

Use|  Splash water onto your face + squeeze the foamy cleanser onto your palm. Use your fingertips to gently swirl in a circular motion. Rinse. Perfect for oily and combination skin

Ingredients| Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Distilled Water, Potash - A naturally produced potassium hydroxide derived from the ashes of Plantain Skins, Cocoa Pods and Shea Tree Bark

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