Body Luffa Loofah

Body Luffa Loofah
Body Luffa Loofah

Body Luffa Loofah

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Body Luffa Loofah

Luffa is a delicious vegetable to eat and matures into a useful sponge. The slightly rough fibers can be very helpful to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. It is quite beneficial to exfoliate at least once to twice weekly giving your skin a smooth appearance. Body Luffa Loofah is biodegradable and helps stimulate your skin’s circulation 

Use| Use this sponge in your shower or bath with your favorite Bombd Aesthetics bar for garden fresh exfoliation. Follow your exfoliating bath with one of our Natural Body Oil, Whipped Shea Butter, or Raw Shea Butters!!! 

Ingredients| Garden grown luffa, dried naturally.


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