Dry Skin Skincare Kit

SKU: Drybundle
Dry Skin Skincare Kit

Dry Skin Skincare Kit

SKU: Drybundle
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Beauty is simply being comfortable in your own skin! Our Dry Skin Skincare Kit promotes even skin complexion to reveal a brighter, vibrant skin tone that is sure to glow!

Skincare Routine|

1. Three Tea Cream Cleanser (4oz) -

White Tea, Green Tea and Rooibos Tea are the stars of in our Three Tea Cream Cleanser. Providing a thorough cleansing and supreme hydration our 4oz cream cleanser is gentle and loaded with Vitamins A & C. Perfect for dry skin 

2. Blue Green Algae Detox Mask (2oz) -

Our Blue Green Algae Detox Mask promotes smooth, resilient skin! Our MYO (Mix Your Own) Blue Green Algae Mask is an incredibly versatile. This powdered clay-based mask allows you to target your skin concerns. Simply add the liquid of your choice to activate the amazing benefits of Kaolin and Bentonite Clay. Blue Green Algae powder promotes elasticity, resurfaces skin, and  and tightens pores. Skin feels smoothed and renewed.

3. Hydrating Rose Toner (2oz) -

Perfect for all skin types, our Hydrating Rose Toner works to restore and hydrate the skin. Steam distilled vapor produced from Rosa Damascena rose petals makes our rose water have a deep, potent, and uplifting scent. 

4. Natural Glow creme Daily Moisturizer (2oz) -

We put intentional emphasis on hydration with the development of our Natural Glow Creme Daily Moisturizer. Our blend of carefully selected ingredients are perfect for Dry and Normal Skin Types to provide healing to damaged areas and take control of the glow! 


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