Turmeric Complexion Skincare Kit

Turmeric Complexion Skincare Kit
Turmeric Complexion Skincare Kit

Turmeric Complexion Skincare Kit

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Beauty is simply being comfortable in your own skin! Our Turmeric Complexion Bundle promotes even skin complexion to reveal a brighter, vibrant skin tone that is sure to glow!

Skincare Routine|

1. Turmeric Milk Complexion Shea Soap Bar (4oz) - Signature Blend of Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil with fresh ground turmeric powder, moisturizing coconut milk and turmeric essential oil to leave your skin brightened, softened and moisturized.

2. Turmeric Complexion Mask (4oz) - Turmeric & Bentonite Clay mask fortified with Ground Turmeric and Carrot extract. Carrot extract is high in Vitamin A and retinol promoting exfoliation and natural glow. Beta carotene found in our Carrot extract works as a topical antioxidant.

3. Vitamin C Complexion Toner (2oz) - Our Vitamin C Complexion Toner works to restore and balance skin's pH levels, soothe and reduce puffiness, unclog and tighten freshly cleansed skin, and reduce discoloration.

4. Natural Glow Serum Daily Moisturizer (2oz) - Our blend of carefully selected ingredients are perfect for Oily and Combination Skin Types to minimize the shine and take control of the glow. Skin appears balanced with a natural GLOW!


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